Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy policy

Your privacy is our first priority, because we care for you. This privacy policy presides over what information we collect, why and how we use and preserve the collected information of our customers. We came up with these policies to show you how we respect our users, so that’s the reason we do not share your private info to any third party without your approval. Our main motto is to make your shopping experience a gratifying one to you and to your family and friends.

By visiting our website, using the service we provided or interacting with us; you are confirming your harmony to the described privacy policy. If in case you are not satisfied or don’t have the same opinion, you have a right to disconnect our services.

Note:Please be cautious while reading our privacy policy so as to get a detailed understanding of all the procedures and guidelines followed by us. Our privacy policy will be updated from time to time and changes may be added, of which you will be informed definitely.

What information is gathered?

We do promise towards your privacy, so you need to know that the collected details provided by the customer through any source will be stored carefully. For example, when you ordered anything from our website or sign in with us, your personal information is stored, only to provide you with the services and products ordered online or offline. We collect information provided by you once you register with Blue Hira. You can choose not to provide certain information, but this leads you to lose the accessibility to certain features and advantages provided by us.

The collected info is mentioned below:

  • We collect contact details like your name, contact number, email address, postal address and other similar data.

  • We collect demographic info like your age, gender and country.

  • To access the account we collect some credentials like your passwords and other related info for authentication purpose.

  • We collect payment details this is to process your order payments after your purchase.

  • We also collect your interests, wish lists, ring size preferences, and other profile information.

  • We collect some content such as feedbacks, product reviews, or queries and information provided by you to our customer support team.

  • We may also collect and store contact or any other information about other people that provided by you to us.

We collect some information automatically includes customers or users behavior data about the purchased products, visited pages, used features, adds and emails viewed on our website, the browsing time and other similar info. We also collect device details like location of the devices and IP addresses. Other related details like type of device browser you use, operating software of your device, your internet service provider, your devices local and language settings.

Why Cookies?

In general, cookies are small pieces of information that are stored automatically on your computer's hard drive to distinguish your partialities in order to make shopping easier and hassle free. We enhance your shopping experience and web browsing on our website by collecting the data through cookies. Basically cookies are small files endures on your computer, phone or any other devices, which allow us and our business associates to identify your device when you revisit to our service and record details about using of our services by you. The info we collect through cookies include web logs such as your browser type and language, browsing date and time (which helps us to track your moments around our site) and IP addresses. However, you always had a choice to decline sites cookies, but we may identify your web browser or device when you access our website, even after deleting the cookies.

Why and how the information is used?

We collect your info for the marketing purposes explained in this privacy policy; it will help us to serve you better. It includes as follows:

  • To handle your orders and to provide seeking services

  • To confirm and tracking your orders

  • To respond to your quires

  • To spot your product and service preferences

  • To evaluate your info for errors and accuracy

  • To suspect and prevent fraud activities

  • To improve our services product offerings, and develop new ones for a better customer experience

  • To facilitate warranty services such as product cleanings, repairs and alterations or resizes

  • To understand the customer demographics and activities

  • To offer you personalized content and to identify your preferences in products and services

Last but not least, in some cases if we share your personal info to the third party for certain services like shipping, payments, and any other order related. However, we cannot give you a complete guarantee as to how the third party will use this personal information. We will also collect your IP address to identify and fix server related problems. Additionally, we will give you access to change your personal info is to make it error free. Users fewer than 18 years may not have right to use our website; if we find any such issues we will take prior actions according to the company policies.

Note: We share your info for any other use unveiled to you and with your prior consent.

Third Party Attributes

Blue Hira is allowing our services to connect with third party services. If you use a third party feature, both Blue Hira and the appropriate third party may 

have right to use to info associated with your use of the attribute or feature. Some examples of such features include brand pages, liking and sharing.

Blue Hira is offering that our content mentioned on social networks like Face book and Instagram. Any information provided by you to us when you engage with our content on our brand page is treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We may implanted a pixel that permits you to “like” or “share” content on your Blue Hira account through social networks such as Face book and Twitter. We may collect any information you have allowed the third party to share with us like your public profile info, user ID, e-mail address, birthday, friends list, and other profile data.

Choices Users can make

  • Blue Hira is providing access to update and modification of your account data, like reviewing, removing, changing or updating certain personal information relating to your account, this can be done at any time by contacting us or by logging into your account.

  • Users are always having the right to declining our cookies if your browser permits. Please note that once you decline the cookies, some elements of the service may not function properly.

  • If you don’t want to communicate further with us, any time you may unsubscribe from our promotional emails using the provided links at the bottom of the emails or you can contact our customer support team.

For any further support on the subject of same, feel free to contact us via

Phone: 1 800-282-2242

Email: [email protected]