Free Standard Shipping

Your happiness is our priority; to increase your happiness even more, we came up with free shipping.

Where do we ship?

We offer free shipping of our products all over USA and Canada via FedEx. We use expedited shipping to provide fast delivery to our customers. We keep track of shipping process and share updates with our customers to make your entire experience pleasant and hassle free.

When do we ship?

The turnaround time will depends on the order you are interested in. Some orders will be delivered before the expected date if they are ready. Most of our orders will be delivered on and day before the conformation date shown in the order confirmation via FedEx.

If you are undergoing any time crunch and are looking for a faster delivery, there are chances that we can squeeze you into our production schedule. You should receive an email confirming your order details shortly after the order ships.

How do we Ship?

We know surprises make good memories, due to that we make deliveries on special dates. We can also arrange your order to deliver to a local FedEx pick-up stations according to your requirements.

Our packing will be very secure and risk free. We make all items insure and registers for their full value.

Note: On a very rare case, if item is damaged, delivered wrongly or lost during shipment, please do let us know before the prior mentioned date.

However, delivery delays will occur mostly due to adverse weather conditions, carrier delays or incorrect address are beyond our control.

How to Track?

Tracking number is provided along with the confirmation mail once the order ships. For all the shipping methods, once the order ships, the order on our website is updated with a tracking number. You can retrieve your order information by logging into our website, or by contacting us.

Additional Info

Due to COVID-19 there may be a little delay in the orders due to local regulations. We ensure your safety by taking extra precautions and care.

Learn more about our USA and Canadian shipping polices, and feel free to contact us. Our team will be available 24/7 at your service.

Please Approach us at:

Contact No: 1-800-282-2242

Email us : [email protected]