Lifetime Diamond Upgrade Program

We are very pleased to offer you a 100% Lifetime Diamond Upgrade Program. Our Lifetime trade in program is another good reason and benefit for you to choose us. This program will allow the buyers to trade in their diamonds with an upgrade of new diamonds.

Our guidelines are very simple and straight-forward. Here are some breathtaking guidelines to be considered before approaching our Lifetime Diamond Upgrade Program.


  • Any loose diamonds purchased from our company can be exchanged with 100% credit for any replacement diamond with double the value.

  • All GIA and IGI diamonds purchased are eligible.

  • The returned diamond must be in original condition accompanied by original diamond laboratory certificate to avail the upgrade plan for new diamond.

  • To securely set the new diamond, we undergo some repairs and modifications and the separate charges will be included.

  • Colored gemstones will be excluded in the upgrade program.

  • If you are not fully satisfied with the trade in item, we are providing a return offer and you can also choose another.

Engagement Rings:

We are excited to say the engagement rings are added to this Lifetime Upgrade Program. Same setting may not be used in upgrade program for buyers of customized rings. Especially in case of shape or size of the center diamond during the upgrade. If your setting fits with the trade in diamond and also in a reusable condition, we will set your new diamond in old setting. However, you have to upgrade the center diamond in order to benefit the Engagement Ring benefit.

Wrapping up:

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. Diamonds or engagement ring s came up with trade in program will take at least 4-5 days for proper lab inspection and processing. If the upgraded item is not in stock, we will help you with our special trade up offer for out of stock items. Any purchased item will include discount or special offer, it won’t be considered in case of upgraded item.

To know more about our Lifetime Upgrade Program please contact our customer care associates at 1-800-282-2242 or visit our website