Conflict Free Diamonds

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As the world’s finest retailer, Bluehira has the largest selection that are affordably priced and guaranteed conflict free.

Knowing Diamonds with ethical alternatives

Today, finding a conflict-free diamond has become a challenge, but don’t worry we came up with some alternatives for our customers, which will ensure you don’t violate human rights while buying a stone.

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Conflict-Free Diamond FAQs0

Ethical diamonds are conflict-free diamonds. They are confirmed, via The Kimberly Process, to be transparently mined and do not support wars or uncivil organizations.

Lab-created diamonds are an additional option for conflict-free diamonds.

The best way to verify that your diamonds are ethical is to purchase from jewelers that adhere to The Kimberly Process. Bluehira is proud to say that we exclusively carry ethically sourced diamonds.

The Kimberly Process is a certification program that utilizes safeguards on rough diamonds to ensure that they are conflict-free.

Our careful sourcing methods do not lead to higher prices. Bluehira offers excellent value by providing our socially conscious jewelry at the lowest possible price.

A moissanite is not a lab grown diamond. While moissanites are considered a diamond alternative they cannot be considered a diamond since their chemical and physical properties are very different. On the other hand, lab grown diamonds share the same chemical and physical properties as a diamond and therefore are a diamond.

We are proud to offer a leading selection of ethical engagement rings, with conflict-free diamonds and additional care offered for metal mining.